Birthstone for January - Garnet

The Garnet stone has been well used in jewellery for thousands of years. The Garnet is noted for creating a powerful protective shield around the wearer. It was set in buckles and shields and other items worn by ancient soldiers.

The red form of this stone is very popular in gemstone jewellery, however Garnet can be found in many colours, such as orange, brown, pink, yellow, green and black. Most garnet gemstones used in handmade jewellery are a deep red.

The Garnet is considered a stone of purity and truth and a symbol of love and compassion. It will stimulate the senses, increase vitality and stamina. The gemstone provides a stable connection between the physical, spiritual and nervous system. This gemstone signifies strength and health. Garnet can be worn to help aid the heart, lungs and various blood diseases.

Wearing a Garnet gemstone is sais to protect you from danger.

It is also a gemstone to enhance self esteem and passion, it is known as the gemstone of romance.

Garnet has also been believed to be beneficial for business success by increasing your popularityand peoples' desire to work with you. It helps motivate you and bring good luck.

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